Struggling to Write...


As a health care professional you clearly understand that fine motor skills of the hand, wrist and fingers can become impaired in a variety of ways including injury, illness, stroke, congenital deformities, dyspraxia, arthritis, cerebral palsy and mental conditions.  Pain, stiffness and lack of dexterity prevent the ability to grip and control a writing implement in a conventional way making it difficult at best, and sometimes impossible.  But help is here.


Ring Pen Ultra

The new Ring Pen Ultra gripper allows the user to select the writing implement of their choice and benefit from the patented "Ring Pen Technology".  This technology allows for more comfort and control because it does not require a tight grip generally needed to hold a conventional writing implement.

Why offer the Ring Pen Ultra to your patients?

  • Unique one-of-a-kind product that actually works

  • Holds most conventional writing implements and some artist paint brushes

  • Helps build confidence while in rehab

  • Available in three sizes to meet the needs of small, regular and large hands

  • Low wholesale cost so you can offer it for free or sell for a profit

  • Use your custom logo - learn how

Ring Pen Ultra
Ring Pen Ultra