Ring Pen Ultra
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With millions of potential buyers this is a must add product to add to your sales.  And there simply is no product like it - anywhere!


There are other ergonomic pens and pencils, but they limit the user to a single pen (and color) or pencil.  With the Ring Pen Ultra the user can easily switch from pen, to pencil, to highlighter, to paint brush without the need for special refills.  

Ring Pen Ultra
Health Care Professionals

Everyone writes, right?


As a health care professional you know that is not always true.  There are numerous conditions that impact on fine motor skills of the hand, wrist and fingers.  These conditions can often result in the inability to comfortably control a wrting implement.  


Fortunately, the Ring Pen Ultra may just be what you have been looking for. 

School Supply & Educators
Ring Pen Ultra

That's right! The Ring Pen Ultra was a finalist in three separate GESS Education Awards.


Now you can literally help students get a grip!  The Ring Pen Ultra gripper will help students that have difficulty gripping and controlling a pen in a conventional way. 



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